Votely is an app designed to help citizens of Atlanta become more involved in upcoming local elections. Created in collaboration with Minju Kwon and Alice Zheng.

Role: UI/UX, wireframes, research/testing
Tools used:Sketch, InVision, Illustrator, Photoshop

The Problem

There is low voter turnout for local elections.
→ Many simply do not have the habit, experience, or sense of duty to vote in local elections.

Initial Research

User interviews with young adults revealed several key reasons why people did not vote:

  • Difficult to understand what each local election's role and impact is (such as city council, mayor, school board, etc.)
  • Dates, registration, and candidate stances aren't consolidated or clear
  • Government sites are overly complicated and verbose
  • Local elections receive less media coverage than national elections

Market research showed that for election info, people used the Georgia Secretary of State website, government office websites, and various non-profit and campaign sites.


Design an app to engage citizens with local elections, with key tasks such as voter needs & registration, viewing elections & candidate stances, and keeping track of deadlines & dates.

From the sticky notes of scenarios above, we developed three personas based off of our user research, along with scenarios, storyboards, and sketches of prototypes for each persona.


The lo-fi prototypes below showcase the three main functionalities of Votely: voter tasks, election info, and calendar. I conducted user testing and heuristic evaluations with these to discover any confusion or frustrations.

User Testing

User testing and heuristic evaluations revealed improvements for our prototype:

  • Clarification: more explanations for tasks (such as voter registering vs re-registering) and descriptions for terms (such as what an absentee ballot is)
  • Profile feature: ability to create a profile to star information for future reference
  • External resources: links provided to more external sites for further information
  • Better layout: candidate pages were too sparse and needed more info
  • Feedback: provide more feedback to user after submitting a voter form or saving a draft

Final Designs

The final prototype has three key sections that are demonstrated in the following screencasts:

  • Vote: find details on registering/re-registering to vote, obtaining an absentee ballot, and understanding voter rights
  • Elections: see upcoming elections based on your zip code/district, filter election by issue (i.e. transportation, housing, education, etc.), view candidate stances & external resources.
  • Calendar: view upcoming dates for voter registration, absentee ballots, specific elections.

Viewing voter rights

Election & candidate search

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